Scientific Publications

Publications resulting from research funded by Ultra-Endurance Sports Science & Medicine

  • Coratella G, Varesco G, Rozand V, Cuinet B, Sansoni V, Lombardi G, Vernillo G, Mourot L. Downhill running increases markers of muscle damage and impairs the maximal voluntary force production as well as the late phase of the rate of voluntary force development. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2024.  View Full Paper
  • Roberts SSH, Main LC, Condo D, Carr A, Jardine W, Urwin C, Convit L, Rahman SS, Snipe RMJ. Sex differences among endurance athletes in the pre-race relationships between sleep, and perceived stress and recovery. J Sports Sci. 2022;40(14):1542-1551. View Abstract
  • Jeker D, Claveau P, Abed MEF, Deshayes TA, Lajoie C, Gendron P, Hoffman MD, Goulet EDB. Programmed vs. thirst-driven drinking during prolonged cycling in a warm environment. Nutrients. 2021 Dec 29;14(1):141. View Full Paper
  • Urwin CS, Main LC, Mikocka-Walus A, Skvarc DR, Roberts SSH, Condo D, Carr AJ, Convit L, Jardine W, Rahman SS, Snipe RMJ. The relationship between psychological stress and anxiety with gastrointestinal symptoms before and during a 56 km ultramarathon running race. Sports Med Open. 2021 Dec 11;7(1):93. View Full Paper
  • Pasternak AV, Fiore D, Islas A, Toti S, Hoffman MD. Treatment with oral ondansetron for ultramarathon-associated nausea: The TOO FUN Study. Sports (Basel) 2021 Mar; 9(3):35. View Full Paper
  • Gaskell SK, Rauch CE, Parr A, Costa RJS. Diurnal versus nocturnal exercise-effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2021;53(5):1056-1067. View Abstract


The following papers might also be of general interest

  • Hoffman MD, Khodaee M, Nudell NG, Pasternak A. Recommendations on the appropriate level of medical support at ultramarathons. Sports Med. 2020;50(5):871-884. View Full Paper
  • Joslin J, Hoffman MD, Rogers I, Worthing RM, Ladbrook M, Mularella J. Special considerations in medical screening for participants in remote endurance events. Sports Med. 2015;45(8):1121-31. View Abstract
  • Hoffman MD, Rogers IR, Joslin J, Asplund CA, Roberts WO, Levine BD. Managing collapsed or seriously ill participants of ultra-endurance events in remote environments. Sports Med. 2015;45(2):201-12. View Abstract
  • Hoffman MD, Pasternak A, Rogers IR, Khodaee M, Hill JC, Townes DA, Scheer BV, Krabak BJ, Basset P, Lipman GS. Medical services at ultra-endurance foot races in remote environments: medical issues and consensus guidelines. Sports Med. 2014;44(8):1055-69. View Abstract