Solicit, fund and facilitate relevant research related to ultra-endurance sports

Ultra-endurance sports participation induces complex modifications to the human body that can create serious imbalances. To properly advise and appropriately manage such physiological imbalances, it is essential to understand the biological processes taking place during these activities. Thus, to enhance athlete safety and performance, it is necessary to organize targeted clinical, physiological and biomechanical research. As an example, recent research related to hydration and hyponatremia at various events has resulted in great improvement in hydration advice and reductions in potentially life-threatening exercise-associated hyponatremia.

The purpose of our research program is as follows:

  • Expand research funding opportunities for studies in ultra-endurance sports
  • Promote high quality and publishable research
  • Propose and solicit specific lines of research
  • Facilitate research at different ultra-endurance events
  • Monitor and record outcomes of the funding relative to publications and presentations