Past Congresses

The History of the Congress

The concept for an annual conference devoted to the science and clinical aspects of ultra-endurance sports participation dates back many years to the pondering that Dr. Marty Hoffman would have during some of his long runs. However, when the idea was initially conceived, there just wasn’t an adequate amount of new information being generated each year to support such a conference. Fortunately, over the course of several years, research expanded dramatically.

In 2014, the time was ripe for the 1st Medicine & Science in Ultra-Endurance Sports Conference – a two day conference in Squaw Valley, California a few days prior to the 100-mile Western States Endurance Run. The success of that program generated enthusiasm about the conference, and so it has continued.

From the beginning, the conference has focused on blending the science and the clinical aspects of ultra-endurance sports by bringing together the leaders in these disciplines. This explains our three-ringed logo – the overlap of science, medicine and ultra-endurance sports. While the programs have been primarily geared towards scientists and clinicians, many educated athletes and coaches have also enjoyed our conferences.

Net proceeds from the conference have always been directed back to support the enhancement and distribution of scientific and medical knowledge related to participation in ultra-endurance activities. In 2016, with the development of the foundation, the organization of the conference was placed under their umbrella.