Dr. Marty Hoffman had the idea of a non-profit foundation to support international research related to ultra-endurance activities in the mid-2000’s. The foundation was to be call the Ultra-Endurance Exercise Research Foundation. But, that was at a time that preceded the rapid growth in ultramarathon participation that was seen shortly thereafter, and it was also too early in the development of ultra-endurance related research.

Over the subsequent years, Dr. Hoffman focused on building a research program related to ultramarathon running, and then in 2014 he started a conference to serve as a forum for scientists and clinicians to share new information related to ultra-endurance sports science and medicine, the Congress on Medicine & Science in Ultra-Endurance Sports.

This was the groundwork for the establishment of a non-profit foundation in the United States in 2017, initially known as the Ultra Sports Science Foundation, with goals of (1) soliciting, funding and facilitating relevant research related to ultra-endurance sports, (2) disseminating new knowledge related to ultra-endurance sports, and (3) enhancing the health and safety of those participating in ultra-endurance sports.  The foundation later became a division of the non-profit foundation The Paramedic Foundation as a means of reducing overhead expenses, and the name was adjusted to Ultra-Endurance Sports Science & Medicine.  The foundations have overseen the Congress, initiated a competitive research grant funding program in 2018, and expanded on various educational opportunities.  While on hold since the COVID pandemic, we are in the midst of reorganizing for future conferences. 

Our logo of three overlapping rings was adopted for the initial Congress on Medicine & Science in Ultra-Endurance Sports. The intent was for the logo to represent the focus of the conference – the overlap of medicine, science and ultra-endurance sports. We retain the three overlapping rings for the logo of Ultra-Endurance Sports Science & Medicine.