Grant Awardees

Our funding program began in in 2018. Grant awardees are listed below. We congratulate those who have won awards, and look forward to the new information resulting from the work.

2023 Award:

Eves et al. The UBC Long-distance Triathlon Adaptation Study (ULTRA)

2022 Award:

Blagrove et al. Working towards improved musculoskeletal recovery outcomes following Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport Syndrome in endurance athletes

2021 Award:

Grimmitt et al. How light during daytime and nighttime exercise impacts the EMG, spatiotemporal and kinematic parameters of walking and running on outdoor trail paths

2020 Awards:

Vernillo et al. Adjustments in quadriceps femoris muscle oxygenation following a bout of downhill running

Snipe et al. Investigation of novel factors that potentially contribute to pre-competition sleep disturbance and gastrointestinal symptoms during an ultra-marathon race

2019 Awards:

Gaskell et al. The impact of day-time and night-time endurance exercise on gastrointestinal integrity, functional responses, symptoms, and systemic endotoxin and cytokine profiles – A laboratory controlled mechanistic exploration of circadian variation influences in ultra-endurance athletes

McCubbin et al. The impact of sodium ingestion during exercise on plasma sodium concentration, plasma volume and sodium balance during and 24 hours post exercise in ultra-endurance athletes

Scheer et al. Health risks and implications from running ultramarathons during childhood

White et al. Effect of high sodium ingestion on thirst, hydration and muscle cramping during prolonged moderate intensity exercise in the heat

2018 Awards:

Goulet. Ultra-endurance cycling performance: Examining the impact of drinking to thirst vs. programmed fluid intake

Laye. Gut microbiota of ultrarunners prior to and following a 161 km ultramarathon race

Pasternak et al. TWOFUN: Treatment with Ondansetron for ultra-marathon-associated nausea and vomiting