The Organization

Ultra-Endurance Sports Science & Medicine is a non-profit organization focused on the enhancement and distribution of scientific and medical knowledge related to participation in ultra-endurance activities. We are a division of The Paramedic Foundation, which has 501(c)(3) status in the US.

The three main areas of emphasis are:

1. Solicit, fund and facilitate relevant research related to ultra-endurance sports.

We support basic, applied, clinical and behavioral research associated with ultra-endurance sports. Research directly applicable to ultra-endurance sports, as well as research using ultra-endurance activities as models for other physiological or psychological stress, is of interest. We will also consider supporting sociological, environmental and economic related research that is relevant to ultra-endurance sports.

The purpose of our research program is as follows:

  • Expand research funding opportunities for studies in ultra-endurance sports
  • Promote high quality and publishable research
  • Propose and solicit specific lines of research
  • Facilitate research at different ultra-endurance events
  • Monitor and record outcomes of the funding relative to publications and presentations

We support this program through donations from individuals, corporations, other non-profit organizations, and proceeds from our educational programs. A Research Committee composed of scientists with combined expertise across the broad scope of ultra-endurance sports science oversees the research program by establishing solicited research areas and determining which grant submissions will be supported through our formal grant submission process.

2. Disseminate new knowledge related to ultra-endurance sports.

New knowledge related to ultra-endurance sports is disseminated through the following means:

  • Organization of the Medicine & Science in Ultra-Endurance Sports Congress to reunite the leaders in research and medicine to present new information to athletes, coaches, scientists and clinicians.
  • Development of on-line learning opportunities covering the areas of medical care and scientific investigation related to ultra-endurance sports.

3. Enhance the health and safety of those participating in ultra-endurance sports.

We enhance the health and safety of ultra-endurance sports participants through the following means:

  • Facilitate the development of medical guidelines that will address the medical needs during and immediately after ultra-endurance events. These guidelines will serve as resources for race and medical directors in their development of safety and medical protocols at their events. Such guideline will be developed by consensus among recognized experts in the fields. Dissemination of the information will be through our annual conference, scientific publications and web postings.
  • Provide learning opportunities for clinicians to gain knowledge on medical care at ultra-endurance sports.


We welcome donations to help fuel the ongoing research. Donations over $1,000 can be earmarked for specific projects by designating the project name at check out by clicking on the “Add special instructions to the seller” button.


  1. Unrestricted
  2. Research grant support
  3. Education (annual Congress, pre-race programs, online training programs)
  4. Health and safety (development of consensus guidelines)