Race Director Support

What your association with the Ultra Sports Science Foundation offers:

  • A valuable image within the ultra-endurance sports community (5 million people).
  • Access to network of scientific experts to help implement and improve health policy at your event and protect your athletes’ health.
  • Access to the interactive health platform named SHOL (Sport and Health On Line)
  • Scientific support to address questions raised by your athletes.
  • Scientific results delivering clear and strong messages about runner health.
  • A tax benefit in the United States and France.

How you can help us


Donate and get a tax benefit if you represent an event based in the United States or in France >>Link to donate

Health Bib Program

For sold-out events, a race promoter accepts to sell one or more extra bibs to athletes willing to make a donation to the Ultra Sports Science Foundation.

The athlete proceeds to a donation to USS. The runner then receives a code allowing him to fill out his entry form on the race’s website

The athlete proceeds to a donation to USS. USS informs the race organizers who will get in direct contact with the athlete.

The athlete chooses a pack on the event’s website. The pack consists on a donation and on a standard bib. The organizer will send forward the donation onto USS.