Paulo Martins

  • Passeport : 50yo, 1m82, 75kg, experience in sport – soccer player during 20 Years and now Trail Runner
  • Disease : Insuffisance rénale aiguë
  • Origin : Prise d’anti-inflammatoire non stéroidien avec une déshydratation
  • History :

Summary of Paulo Martins UTMB 2015 experience.


Before race, he has concerned about his knee. In previous experiences he gets pain after long races.

On start, we planed to to the race together, I made a plan to do the race in 39-40 hours. The objective was arriving to Chamonix in the begging of the 2nd morning, between 9-10am.



Paulo was concerned about his knee, and found that at too slow descent to St Gervais

would be the harm, and therefore decided to speed up your pace and separate ourselves early in the race.

He’s very competitive, and the quick rise in ranking, make him feel more confident.

Unfortunately, Paulo start be unable to eat after Cobal Lake.

When I arrive to Courmayeur I found Paulo, that told me that was enable to eat since Cobal Lake.

I tried to convince him to rest a little and wait half an hour for us. We argue that prefer to make the race in his pace.




Since Cobal Lake with about 12 hours of race, till Valorcine , where give up, with 35h of race , Paulo could not eat because whenever he did, he began to vomit.

A friend take a foto in La Fouly, with 23h of race, where his image seems like a ghost :


About 3.00 a.m when I was in Trient, Paulo’s wife call me, asking for help, because was very concerned about him. She explain that last time she spoke with him, he appeared to be drunk, saying things with nonsense.

We found him in a technical part in the way down to Valorcine. He felt several times, and we had to help him giving light, hanging him and finding the easier way to arrive safely. We took about 1 hour to make last 2-3 kms. In Vallorcine we let him with medical support, and with his wife, that decided to travel from Chamonix to Vallorcine. When we left Vallorcine Paulo was in the infirmary litter receiving serum.

After finish the race I went to my apartment in Les Houches to rest about 2 hours. I return to Chamonix to lunch, but before I went to visit Paulo, that was sleeping in his apartment. I found him with strong pain in legs, and still unable to eat. I suggest to rest more time, thinking that the main problem was a big need of resting. Maria, says us that Paulo received 2 bottles of serum. I was confident that should not a dehydration problem.

Later, before dinner, I went to visit Paulo again, and because he was not improving, I decide to contact one of the UTSM Directors.

He made a phone call to Dr. Patrick Basset, and we plan an visit in Paulo’s in his apartment after dinner.

Fortunately, as soon as Dr. Basset found Paulo, he immediately understood that was a very serious situation, and started a very hard protocol to send Paulo to an Hospital with haemodialysis capacity.

In my opinion, and because the importance and size of the invent, should be guaranteed a special protocol with Sallanches Hospital.

Paul had life-threatening, and for a few days at risk of losing the kidneys. Thanks fast diagnostic, and ready medical assistance. The Sallanches Hospital, hemodialysis unit has done a excellent service, and that allowed Paul to recover. He was hospitalized about 10 days.

We went to wait Paulo to Lisbon Airport:


See below details hospital document, I’m sending the medical reports of Paulo, in the first days in Sallanches, and recently in Portugal, where his doctor said that the complete recovered of Paulo was like “a miracle”.

Medical Document

I would like finally to thank Dr. Basset, on behalf of Paul and all his friends and family, your professionalism and human interest shown.

João Fonseca

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